Hume-ongous off-season for City

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Harper Sercombe

With the National Premier League season just a week away, Hume City coach Cameron Watson is ready to embark on his first full season at the helm of the club.

Watson first took the reins in round six of last season, now with a full off-season under his belt he said excitement levels are rising.

Adding to the anticipation of the season are the strong results coming out of the club’s pre-season fixtures which includes wins against Caroline Springs George Cross and the Gold Coast Knights.

“I think everyone has realised that the season is not too far away and I think the excitement is there, building up to round one which is nice to see,” he said.

“Results have been positive which is always good but I don’t want to get carried away with the results.

“I think we’re all on the same page, players and staff, we’ve been trying to build something in preseason that we can get to round one with and we’re happy with, and I think that’s slowly happened over the past couple of months.

“The team is starting to understand what we want from them and we’ve seen it in the last couple of games. Now we’re just trying to be consistent over the next couple of weeks leading into the preseason.”

During the offseason the club successfully lured some strong talent to its playing list, including Lloyd Isgrove, Mickel Platt, Aamir Abdallah and Harry Ascroft.

“Lloyd has transitioned very well. I think being summer and being in the sun has had a big effect on him,” Watson said.

“He’s got along with the team well, he’s a leader, he’s a pro, he’s played at a very good level for a long time. I think he just raised the level of the other boys straight away.

“Mickel came in after Christmas, and I’d have to say the same. He’s transitioned very well, he’s also enjoyed the weather.

“A big one for them is coming into good weather, it’s something different, it’s not bleak, it’s not dark, it’s not cold. They’ve come to a good club, they’re around a good team. They’ve come organised and they’ve sorted their lives out straight away off the pitch and I think that’s helped them immensely on the field. Because on the field they’ve been great.

“We’re lucky to have Aamir, Mickel and Izzy come in that have all been in very good environments. Plus the players that we’ve had at the club already for a few years, that have been in those environments. It creates a good atmosphere, a competitive atmosphere. I think now we’re seeing that on the field and during training sessions.”

Watson said he is keen to improve on last season’s result of 10th on the ladder and early signs are pointing towards making his dream a reality.

“If we can implement what we’ve been doing in the preseason into the season, I think we will give ourselves a good opportunity to compete, not just with the teams that have finished above us previously, but be consistent throughout the season,” he said.

“We want consistency, we want to be competitive and I think if we can implement those two, I think we can be in a good position at all stages of the season.”