20 years of care and friendship

Kale with Ben and Jean Lou. (supplied)

A Mill Park couple are celebrating 20 years of disability support.

Jean Lou and Ben Tomasiello have been a volunteer host family for Kale Files for the past 20 years.

Kale lives with a disability and requires daily support. Staying with The Tomasiello’s on some weekends ensures he can be cared for in a loving environment while his parents, Mark and Tanya, can take a short break from their caring role.

Over the past two decades, the two families have made amazing memories together and both Mark and Tanya said they can’t thank the Tomasiello’s enough.

“The commitment and love that Jean Lou and Ben have shown to Kale on this journey has been priceless. They have given him so many invaluable life lessons,” the Files said.

When The Tomasiello’s were connected with Kale’s parents, Mark, and Tanya in 2002, they knew instantly that they would open their hearts and home to the ‘sweet young man’.

Two decades later, Kale still stays with the Tomasiello’s on some weekends, has gained an entire broader family on both Jean and Lou’s side and sees their son, Ben, like his own brother.

Jean Lou, Ben and Kale, recently celebrated the amazing milestone by putting together a memory book of all their favourite memories.

“You could call it a time capsule of all the special occasions we have celebrated. It is a magnificent recollection on enjoyable times and travels that we have undertaken with Kale. This book is a picture history that will forever be treasured,” said Jean.

Gerald Lynch