Running for a cure

Steve Trowbridge with his son Levi. (supplied)

Wollert father Steve Trowbridge is running from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise money for a genetic condition close to his heart.

Mr Trowbridge’s four-year-old son Levi was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called KCNQ2.

There are only around 1000 kids diagnosed worldwide with the condition for which there is no known cure.

“My decision to embark on this fundraising campaign is to help raise money to help the foundation so they can better their research and development into finding a cure to help Levi and every other kid diagnosed with KCNQ2,” he said.

“Having a child diagnosed with a condition that has no cure and the future remains unknown is tough to live with.

“I’m under no illusion that it will be the toughest and hardest thing I’ll ever do both physically and mentally, but it’s nothing compared to what Levi has gone through in his first four years of his life.”

In August, Mr Trowbridge will be embarking on a 700 kilometre run from Adelaide to Melbourne over the span of 11 days.

He will be running 65 kilometres a day, the same number as the number of seizures Levi had in his first three weeks of life, and will finish on the 11th day, the same day that Levi came off life support.

Mr Trowbridge wants to raise awareness and funds for the KCNQ2 Foundation in the hope of finding a cure to create a better future for those who have been diagnosed with this rare condition.

“We look forward to your ongoing support and love as we strive to achieve our goals in finding a much needed cure for this rare condition that affects our resilient and loving little man,” he said.

Donations will be accepted right up until his run in August:

Gerald Lynch