A day to meet neighbours

Hume council building. (Damjan Janevski) 228421_01

While it’s too late for Neighbour Day 2024, Hume residents may soon be able to enjoy a day out with neighbours, courtesy of council.

Neighbour Day is a national initiative that usually occurs in March.

It originated to foster community connection and allow residents to meet and catch up in an informal setting.

The day has already been adopted by nearby council, Brimbank, which runs a program offering $250 to citizens to hold events in their neighbourhood.

Councillor Karen Sherry raised a notice of motion in the March 25 council meeting, and strongly threw her support behind the initiative being adopted by Hume.

She has asked for a feasibility study into how it can work for Hume, and said it would help to connect the community.

Councillor Jarrod Bell said his connection to the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) has allowed him to experience first hand the benefits of a neighbour day celebration, and he endorsed the concept.

“Research shows that those who have strong relationships with their communities and neighbours are more likely to help one another and have better outcomes when faced with emergencies,” he said.

He said while Neighbour Day celebrations could be made as informal or formal as individuals would like, assistance and support from council to endorse the day would encourage the community to celebrate it more.

Councillors passed the notice of motion, and it will now be further investigated by council officers and be considered for a future year.