What pets are suitable for retirement villages?


For many seniors, pets provide irreplaceable emotional support and companionship. Recognising the invaluable companionship that pets offer to many seniors, Centennial Living is committed to fostering a pet-friendly environment in our retirement villages.Here is a guide to help you navigate the nuances of pet ownership within the world of retirement village living.

Health benefits of pets for seniors:

Pets offer a blend of emotional, physical, and mental benefits.They can addlayers of joy and purpose.Pet ownership has shown to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, and even improve physical health by promoting routine activities and light exercise.

Suitable pets for retirement villages

It is important to consider the guidelines of the village and the comfort of your neighbours. Here’s a range of suitable pets that can thrive in such settings:

• Cats: Generally independent and low-maintenance, cats can be ideal for smaller living spaces like those in retirement villages.

• Small Dogs: Breeds like the Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, or Bichon Frise require less exercise and space.

• Birds: Canaries or finches can be delightful companions. They require limited space, with their cage easily fitting in most apartments.

• Fish: A well-maintained aquarium offers great therapeutic benefits. Freshwater fish like bettas or guppies are easy to care for.

• Reptiles: Creatures like turtles are quiet, don’t require much space, and have straightforward dietary needs.

Pet policies in retirement homes

Before bringing in a pet, it’s vital to understand the village community rules and regarding animals in retirement villages. Some places might have size restrictions, while others might only allow certain types of pets. Always check the guidelines to avoid any heartbreak or complications down the line.

Make your golden years shine brighter in our pet-friendly retirement village!

At Centennial Living, we recognise the deep bond between seniors and their animal companions, especially those who have cherished family pets before moving to a retirement village. For more information on our villages fill in the contact us form www.centennialliving.com.auFor the safety and security of residents’ village tours and unit inspections are by appointment.