Imagine the finest possible education for your child…

College Principal, Timothy Cottrell with Maryam Belal, Dux 2023.

Seeing is believing – come to the Lalor North Secondary College Expo on 25 March, 6pm!

• Small Class sizes

• Inspiring innovations in learning

• We know every individual and their needs

• Close family connection

• Safe, friendly place to be

• Beautiful grounds

• High-level excellence in Sporting, Creative and Music programs

• Generous, Engaging Scholarships in all areas (express interest now)

We are no ordinary learning environment. Our rapidly growing school has emerged as a highly innovative alternative, focussed relentlessly upon the unique needs of every individual and a determination to allow all to flourish in learning, wellbeing, and a feeling of community. We are uncompromising in pursuit of this goal, and it permeates all our activities and programs.

A stimulating, intimate, and inclusive setting, committed to small student teacher-ratios, we are passionate about academic rigour, physical and mental wellbeing, positive student outcomes and a confident self-image for every young person.

Our educators are highly experienced professionals, dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement for their students and for themselves. Every year 12 student (bar none) discovers a highly positive pathway, be it academic or vocational and we congratulate them all, for they are our future. And our students have the opportunity for early University entry while they are still in year 12 through our partnership with the Centre of Higher Education studies.

Secondary education is an adventure that should flow seamlessly from the primary years providing excitement, growth, and joy into adolescence and beyond. Therefore, positive student engagement, careful guidance, and genuine, authentic human relationships in learning is our priority.

Our families are our partners and we join with you closely throughout your child’s learning experience. We provide great careand close communication every step of the way.

With continued infrastructure enhancement at the college and in our local area, and our proximity to the wonderful natural heritage of Darebin Creek, we are blessed with surely one of the most beautiful campuses in Melbourne. We offer very substantial student scholarships in every area of achievement, and these are designed to maximise academic, social and emotional growth and opportunity for our young people.

Every year we are adding to innovation in teaching and learning. This year we have formally commenced ‘language lab’, because we like to ask students which language they would like to learn rather than telling them what they shall. We do this through carefully managed on-line learning program that you have to experience to believe.

Our New Elite Sports Program is hugely popular and joins our system leading music program that brings 2000 strong audience of local families to witness students from across the Northern Suburbs to perform.

It would give me great pleasure to meet with you and your children to share the wonderful educational environment that is Lalor North Secondary College.

Timothy Cottrell, principal