Changing the narrative

Al Siraat College teachers use green screen for student learning . (Supplied)

The team at Al Siraat College is very excited to be hosting the upcoming Social Media for Social Change Webinar, in collaboration with Cinespace Inc.

This webinar is a part of the Interfaith Youth Forum project, a two-year program taking a grassroots approach to racial and religious discrimination and proudly supported and funded by the Victorian government.

An expert panel, from various social media platforms, will discuss the impact media and social media content created by young people can have in countering racial and religious discrimination, with a focus on Islamophobia.

The question will be asked, “How can young people reclaim their own narrative and shape public narrative, using a range of accessible media, while also touching on media literacy?”

Daniel Schultheis, founder and director of Cinespace Inc, says that for young people digital media are very much part of their daily lives.

“This is perhaps even more so during the pandemic,” he says. “It’s important that young people become active creators, not just passive consumers of media, and … recognise how media is used to shape narratives in society.”

Members of the community are welcome to register for the webinar at

Project partners include Whittlesea Interfaith Network, Cinespace Inc, St Monica’s College, Our Race, City of Whittlesea and Victoria Police.

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