Running for a cause

23/3/18 North West Photography Issue 27/3 Kids Creekside College Fun Run. Dylan 9 and Tiana 10 participated. Pic Marco De Luca

Creekside College was a sea of colour last week, when pupils participated in the school’s annual fun run.

The Caroline Springs school has been holding the fun run in conjunction with CUA for the past 10 years, last year raising $4000 to put towards school resources.

Sports co-ordinator Shane Mallia said the event was a highlight on the school calendar, and students were hoping for another big fundraising effort.

“We’re hoping to raise $5000 this year,” Mr Mallia said.

“Our students have been involving family and friends in their fundraising efforts to go towards school resources.

“The money will go towards the school, and it’s one of only a few school fundraising efforts we have that doesn’t go towards a charity so it’s pretty important.

“The students have a say in what the money goes towards, but we think it will go towards new technologies for the year 3 to 6s, like iPads or computers.”

CUA School Fun Runs helped raise $828,000 for Victorian Schools last year, with more than 50,000 students taking part across the state.

With runs ranging from 1.2 kilometres to three kilometres, the day is also about teaching students about a healthy lifestyle and staying active.

“The school is getting ready for Active April, so this will be a part of that,” Mr Mallia said.

“We want the students to be active both inside school with PE class and school sport, but also outside of school, which is very important.”

Ewen McRae