YOUR VOICE: October 15-21

Yes to road extensions


The campaign to connect O’Herns Road in Epping to the Hume Freeway and extend Edgars Road from Cooper Street to O’Herns Road was questioned in Your Voice (October 15). These road extensions will be especially needed after the opening of the Melbourne wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Epping, which will attract a lot more traffic in Cooper Street and near to where it connects to the Hume Freeway – an area which already experiences heavy peak-hour congestion. Much of this congestion in the morning is from vehicles entering Cooper Street from High and Miller streets. The road extensions will provide alternatives to using High and Miller streets and hopefully reduce congestion. Reduced congestion around those streets should encourage the establishment of more local businesses. And the road extensions may benefit Epping North residents if they need to escape from a grassfire.


Re Sunbury decides: Voters ask for clarity (Weekly, October 15)


I have to admit that I’ve changed my mind and I have voted ‘yes’ for Sunbury to secede from Hume council and have its own shire.
I spoke to the ‘Vote Yes’ people at the Sunbury Agricultural Show on Saturday, October 12, and they explained how there would be a state government-appointed panel process with community input. They also provided examples of other councils that have kept rates low.



Sunbury will always live on the edge, says minister (Weekly, October 15)


It’s imagined that migrants and other people who come to make up all this population growth will live in apartments and stay there permanently. People come to Australia for a better life, to get away from congestion and sprawl and live the dream of a home on a block of land. However, big ‘growth’ plans are destroying this vision and the dream of home ownership – even for Aussies! The idea of an urban ‘boundary’ is fanciful, and imaginary; it keeps being extended with population growth.



Re Self-belief drives Zahra Baho (Weekly, October 1)


What an inspiration you are, Zahra. Congratulations and best of luck!