Young star takes out state title, again

Lucas Mamonitis at the state competition. (Supplied)

Michaela Meade

Craigieburn youngster Lucas Mamonitis has become a state champion for the fourth time.

The 10-year-old competed in the Victorian State Taekwondo Championships earlier this month, taking part in the black belt division.

The young athlete won all three fights he was given, taking out the state title.

Lucas said winning all of his fights in the knockout competition was a great feeling.

“It felt amazing to go out on the mats and win the gold medal because of the time and effort I have put in,” he said.

“It feels great that I’m number one in the state and in the country for my division.”

The young taekwondo star has won four state titles and one national title. He has won all club and inter-club competitions with Royal Empire Martial Arts in Reservoir, standing undefeated.

Lucas said his favourite move is one that delivers for the audience, and for his own progression in competitions.

“My favourite move is a turning hook kick,” he said.

“I like it because it looks good, and is a hard kick.”

Lucas said his older brother played a large part in kickstarting his passion for taekwondo.

“I [would] like to thank my older brother for teaching and guiding me and pushing me to my limits,” he said.

Lucas has progressed to 2nd dan black belt, which he must hold for two years before progressing to the next level, a 3rd dan black belt, according to the International Taekwondo Association.

The black belt competitor said his next goal is to win the national title for the second time.

Lucas said his goals for the future are “to become a world champion, and to teach other kids the art of taekwondo”.

Lucas’ dad, Phillip Mamonitis, said he started taekwondo “really as a newborn” and has excelled ever since.

“[Lucas] really puts in the hard work, and is doing so well,” Mamonitis said.

“He trains four to five times a week, including in the seniors class where his brother is.

“He’s really pushing himself, and it pays off.

“His trophy cabinet is completely full.”