United’s season unfinished


Michaela Meade

Greenvale United wants Football Victoria to give its senior men’s team a chance to shine with promotion to the league’s higher ranks, according to the club president.

COVID-19 lockdowns prematurely ended FV seasons, and Greenvale finished its state league 4 contest at the top of the ladder.

Greenvale president Michael Eliades said the teams across the board have played their hearts out for two years, with no formal acknowledgement.

“It’s pretty hard to have played two seasons to no result,” Eliades said.

“The senior boys have played [a lot] of games, and only lost two.

“The boys were excited the whole season, and were making sure we were at the top, and competitive.

“We’ve then had the rug pulled from under us.”

Eliades said the club will be “making our case” to officials in the league for promotions of teams.

He said despite how the season ended up, it was a strong one for the club.

“This year has been… one of our most successful seasons as a club… both juniors and seniors,” Eliades said.

“We’re in talks with [FV] to see what can be done [after] we were informed… there’s no relegations or promotions.

“It’s impacted all clubs… we just want to make sure we get the right outcome for our teams.”

Eliades said it was “frustrating and disappointing” that the 2020 and 2021 seasons have been left unfinished.

“It’s just a shame for our kids and seniors, that we can’t fulfill that journey,” he said.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to change the culture, and managed to do so, and now… through no fault of our own, we can’t finish off the year.

“I hope that the worst is behind us, and that we can have people bounce back.”