Northern clubs at risk


Several Hume and Whittlesea soccer clubs are at risk of being ineligible to compete in the 2024 Football Victoria season, due to being in debt.

Football Victoria released a statement on Tuesday saying that clubs across the state were in about $2 million debt to FV, which was an unprecedented figure.

The statement read, “a significant number of clubs failed to meet their financial obligations in 2023… as a result, clubs who are unable or unwilling to meet their financial obligations will be regarded as ineligible to participate in the 2024 season.”

Football Victoria listed all clubs that are financial on its website. A further 15, including National Premier League team Hume City, are on payment plans to the organisation.

Tullamarine, Greenvale United and Uni Hill Eagles are also on payment arrangements with those clubs listed as compliment.

Hume United, Plenty Valley Lions and Roxburgh Park United were not on the list at all, indicating they are currently not compliant.

If the clubs are unable to rectify their financial situation, they would be in danger of a merger or closure ahead of the 2024 season, the statement read.

“While it is expected most clubs will be able to rectify their debts ahead of season 2024, FV recognises that some clubs are not financially sustainable,” it said.

“This may result in mergers, acquisitions or closures – which although challenging – would ultimately lead to stronger and more sustainable clubs who can offer a better football experience for their members and the community they serve.

“This matter is of the highest importance to the players, parents, guardians and families who form the backbone of our football community. It is imperative that any registration fees you pay ensure your ability to participate in 2024.

“If you pay a registration fee to a club that is in debt and in breach of its financial commitments, your funds may be unrecoverable as the club may not be fit to compete in the 2024 season.”

Harper Sercombe