Mill Park remains focused

Mill Park's Joe Coveney. (Joe Mastroianni). 286093_07

Tara Murray

Nothing changes for Mill Park in the final two rounds of the FV state league 2 north-west despite a championship and promotion on the line.

Mill Park is one of four sides fighting for the title and the two promotion spots.

With Upfield, which would have had the chance to claim the title this weekend, being stripped of six points for playing an ineligible player, things got even more interesting.

Mill Park coach Kevin Theuma said nothing changes from their perspective.

“We were still in the race beforehand, this doesn’t make a difference for us in the last two games,” he said.

“It’ll be an interesting couple of weeks. There’s four teams all chasing promotion and there’s four teams deserving to go up.

“It’s unlucky that only two teams can go up.”

Heading into the weekend’s catch up round, Mill Park was on top of the ladder.

Upfield and Westgate are set to play after deadline, with a victory for either side to move them to the top of the table.

Mill Park has been one of the top sides in the back half of the season. Theuma said after a mid-season lull things had started to come together.

“We had two goalkeepers out and we had some injuries and we dropped a couple of matches and had a couple of draws,” he said.

“We picked up a striker in the second half of the season, Sam O’Halleron from the UK.

“Everyone is back on the field and we’ve been building momentum. We’ll look to keep working hard every week.

“The last seven weeks have been grand finals for us and they will continue to be that way.”

Mill Park had a bye on the weekend.

Theuma said while it was good to have a break, they would have liked to continue their momentum.

“It’s been non-stop, but all the clubs have been in the same boat,” he said.

“Players have sore bodies and tired minds. The boys will have a lighter week on the track and then look to reload for the last couple of weeks.”

Mill Park faces Lalor United next Saturday.