Woodlands Court development dwells

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Gerald Lynch

At a Hume Council meeting on October 23, a planning permit for the development of multiple dwellings at 12 Woodlands Court in Craigieburn was refused.

The proposed plan would see three dwellings built at the end of a Craigieburn bowl court, with one four-bedroom, one three-bedroom, and one two-bedroom dwelling built on the site.

There has been a significant amount of backlash from local residents regarding the proposal.

One resident, Ms Helen Curwood, spoke emotively at council to express her disapproval.

“12 Woodlands Court will have a massive wall facing my loungeroom window… cutting out all of my morning sunlight,” she said.

“It doesn’t fit in with the aesthetics of the old area of Craigieburn. We have lived in the court for 35 years and enjoy the quietness of our home.”

Further concerns were raised by Cr Jim Overand, who gave detail to claims that the street is too narrow to fit at least seven more cars that residents of the new dwellings would bring in.

“You’re talking about a street that is already a narrow street, that already has traffic and cars parked in there, with an additional seven cars parked at the end of the street,” he explained.

“It is going to be even tighter… it makes a recipe for disaster, I am just not for these.”

Cr Overend also knocked back any claims that these dwellings would assist with providing affordable housing for the elderly, explaining that the two-storey townhouses wouldn’t be suitable for them.

There have been a total of 13 objections to the proposal from local residents, with fears of lack of parking space, and a fire hydrant being in the way of the property being cited as the main concerns.

After strong consideration and a long debate, Hume council will issue a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit for the development of land for multiple dwellings at 12 Woodlands Court, Craigieburn.