Westmeadows hotel plan rejected

Hume council listened to 25 public submissions at the meeting. 221438_01

Michaela Meade

Plans for a hotel in Ardlie Street, Westmeadows have been knocked back by Hume council following 252 objections from residents.

The council also received a petition signed by 679 people, calling for council to reject the application for 11-17 Ardlie Street.

Twenty-four public submissions against the development were heard at last week’s council meeting,

One person spoke in favour of the development.

Resident Terence Clifton’s objection was read aloud at the meeting and was met with applause from the gallery.

Mr Clifton said the development “has the potential to create a blot on the landscape” of Westmeadows.

“If 252 objections plus a 679 signature petition, versus just one submission in favour, is not enough to void this proposal, one must ask if the ratepayers of Hume are ever going to have a voice on what happens in our area,” Mr Clifton said in his statement.

“On completion, the disruption to the local community will be immense and create totally unnecessary angst for both residents and the shop owners in the village.”

Kim Wescombe said: “The pressure and impact the construction will have on the historic heritage-listed bluestone bridge [is big]… the community does not need or want another hotel”.

Joe Calabretta said he has been a resident since 12 years of age, and the community “don’t want to wreck Westmeadows”.

“I encourage the council to be more pragmatic and realistic when granting approval for developments with such an imminent impact on the local community.”

Natalie Horwood said she wanted council to take in that “this will be your legacy”.

Cr Naim Kurt said the proposed hotel was an overdevelopment of the site.

“Westmeadows does not need an eyesore like this,” he said.

The motion to refuse the permit was unanimously carried.