VTCA called off

Sydenham-Hillside's Alston Bobb. (Shawn Smits) 206365_03

Tara Murray

The Victorian Turf Cricket Association has decided to cancel all grand finals this weekend in light of a progressing COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported by Star Weekly, the association had been exploring options on whether they could finish grand finals which were started last week.

In an email sent to clubs on Wednesday morning, VTCA president Steve McNamara said the board made a unanimous decision to cancel the grand finals.

It comes after both Cricket Australia and Cricket Victoria recommended that all cricket be cancelled.

“Our executive committee worked late into the night gathering relevant information from sources such as the Chief Medical Officer, councils, our legal and insurance practitioners,” McNamara said in the email.

“On the advise obtained, it is unfortunate that we will also be calling off the conclusion to our grand final matches immediately.

“Some of the information suggested some of our stakeholders they being, clubs, players, umpires, officials and spectators could be at risk if play proceeded.

“It has always been the VTCA’s duty of care to our stakeholders which would determine our final decision. Under no circumstance would we put any VTCA stakeholders at risk.

“I understand this decision may be a bitter pill to swallow for some however safety to all must be the final and immediate factor.”

The email said a decision would be made on awarding premierships in the coming days.

An earlier email, seen by Star Weekly, said in some grades premierships may not be awarded.

“Our interpretations of awarding premierships will be that as a minimum, a first innings result will need to be achieved.

“With respect to cancel games, those still to obtain a result on at least a first innings will be abandoned without a premiership awarded.

“No preference will be given to ladder positions.”

Several first XI teams including Westmeadows, Sunshine, Sydenham-Hillside and Grand United claimed a first innings result on the first weekend of the grand finals.