TikTok star spreading smiles

Jasmine (Shiona Oosha Raj)

Tara Murray

TikTok star Jasmine Txo is still getting used to seeing her face on television and on billboards as part of the social media platform’s first Australian campaign.

Jasmine who lives in the Melbourne’s northern suburbs, said it was pretty exciting to be selected by TikTok to be part of the local campaign, “It Starts on TikTok”.

“I’m really excited about the campaign that they are running,” she said.

“They sent me an email about being involved. I’ve been on TikTok for about five years and it’s an honour to be part of it.”

Jasmine, who goes by the name of @jasminetxo, said while a lot had changed since she first joined the platform, her message hadn’t.

“Spreading smiles is what my content is about,” she said.

“I do a lot of dance content and comedy skits. People can come have a laugh and enjoy the content.”

Jasmine has seen her followers grow from 450,000 earlier this year, to more than 2.6 million now.

She’s also been able to make some money from her work and is hoping there are more opportunities to come.

“I did a few videos that went viral and things blew up,” she said.

“I’ve been working with a lot of brand collaborations. I’ve been able to turn a passion and hobby into a career.

“I did an online video with Guy Sebastian and we spoke about mental health. It’s good to bring some positivity to people during COVID.”