Thank you day for donors

Workers of Northern Health expressed their gratitude for donors and their families on Sunday, November 19. (supplied)

Northern Health thanked organ and tissue donors on Sunday as part of DonateLife Thank You Day.

DonateLife began in 2009, and has seen 17,000 lives saved due to the generosity of more than 6000 donors.

In the past year, Northern health has had three organ donors leading to nine lives being saved and transformed.

Seven donors of eye and tissue also delivered, restoring sight and changing the lives of 14 recipients.

Northern Health medical donation specialist Dr David Crosbie expressed his gratitude towards the Northern Health staff as well as donors.

The day thanks not only the donors but also families who consent.

“Organ and tissue donation would not be possible without the commitment, teamwork and caring nature that is in place to support the donation team, patients and their families through organ and tissue donation,” he said.

“The role of the donation specialist is a very unique and privileged role. It is very humbling to sit with a family and learn about the patient, where they share intimate moments and stories with you, whilst feeling such grief and loss, said nurse donation specialist Bridget Walters,

“The decisions of families saying ’yes’ to donation, have literally saved the lives of others they have never met.”