South Morang lotto winners going to treat friends, family


Michaela Meade

A South Morang couple plan to treat their friends to celebrations once COVID-19 lockdown lifts following a $1 million Lotto win.

The pair said they knew straight away that they had won “because we use the same numbers each week”.

“It’s funny, because even though we knew it was real, we started to think maybe it was a hoax and we’d been hacked by someone!” the husband said.

“We were so anxious but also excited about it all last night.

“We are over the moon.

“When we can, we’ll have a big party and shout all our family and friends to a good time to celebrate!”

The man said the pair have earmarked the funds for both practical and fun use.

“We will pay off the mortgage first,” he said.

“I will still keep working, I need to keep myself busy or I will go mad!

“But I might look at going part-time.

“We love to travel too, so we will definitely do more travel, but they will be first class holidays.

“I might upgrade my car too.”