Sleepwear and underwear donations for children

Big Group Hug marketing co-ordinator Emina Mesinovic and project co-ordinator Katherine Freiberg. (Damjan Janevski) 322141_01

Anne Parisianne

A Whittlesea-based charity has launched its annual campaign to collect new pyjamas, socks, jocks, underwear and singlets for children facing disadvantages.

This year’s campaign by Big Group Hug aims to collect 55,000 of these items clothing.

Marketing coordinator Emina Mesinovic said they’re currently focusing on new sleepwear and underwear donations and urged community members to contribute.

“Every child deserves to feel warm and comfortable. And new underwear and sleepwear can give children the dignity they deserve,” she said.

“We supported over 6000 children in the last financial year, and that’s looking to get even higher in this year.

“Our impact in the community… is quite big. We provide material aid for families who are struggling financially.”

Individuals and businesses in the community can help by setting up collection points, sending the goods through the existing goods drive and buying items online to be delivered to the Big Group Hug’s warehouse.

Besides donating these necessities, people can also make financial donations through the Big Group Hug’s website.

The charity group emphasised that no matter how big or small, people’s contributions can impact the lives of children in need.

The campaign deadline is on March 8.