Sharing a love of reading

(Damjan Janevski) 256623_05

Kalkallo resident Anna Navarro (pictured), has started a street library, to share her love of reading with the neighbourhood.

Ms Navarro said she has always been an avid reader.

“I’ve always loved books,” she said

“I heard of the concept of a street library many years ago and wanted to make my own.

“I really hope that once more people live on this side of the community, they’ll come past and discover the library.

“I’ve also shared the location on our Facebook group, and have had a few people donate a few books to the library from that.

“I want to spread the word about it.

“I think for kids in the neighbourhood, it’s an alternative to video games.”

Ms Navarro said a personal favourite of hers has made it into the little library.

“The Secret Garden is one of my absolute favourites,” she said.

“I really like the imagination of it, and the storyline.

“It’s really fun to read, I think everyone should read it!”

Michaela Meade