RSPCA Victoria celebrates National Volunteer Week

(Victor Grabarczyk/Unsplash)

RSPCA Victoria is celebrating its force of incredible volunteers this National Volunteer Week running from May 20-26, recognising the essential role their ‘vollies’ have in animal welfare.

Volunteer Program Manager Nadine Hutchins says the volunteers at RSPCA Victoria are vital to help end cruelty to animals.

“The volunteers at RSPCA are an incredible asset to the animals at our shelters and in our clinics,” Ms Hutchins said.

“Almost every single animal at an RSPCA Shelter has been helped by a volunteer, either directly or indirectly, including, for example, by taking them for a walk, providing foster care at home, by selling goods at our op shops or cleaning and preparing space for them in the shelter.

“They understand the heart of our mission and contribute so much to the work we do every single day in many different ways.”

There are many ways volunteers help, with RSPCA volunteer Abbey Pollard, a Criminology and Law university student, assisting RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate’s Prosecution Team with key administrative duties.

Ms Pollard said she’s proud of her time volunteering with RSPCA Victoria.

“By volunteering at RSPCA, I get to combine my studies with my passion for animals while learning so much by working closely with their prosecutors and senior lawyer,” Ms Pollard said.

Another volunteer helping RSPCA is Narelle Woods who chose to start volunteering with RSPCA as an Animal Foster Carer because she loved animals and found she had the time to help out.

“I wanted to volunteer somewhere because I had time, but I didn’t have money to donate,” Ms Woods said.

“I chose to become a foster carer with the RSPCA because my daughter and I love animals, and it allows me to volunteer from the comfort of my own home, which is a fantastic opportunity.”

This National Volunteer Week RSPCA Victoria is saying a very big thank you to each and every volunteer.

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