RSPCA guide for keeping cats happy at home

(Krysten Merriman via Pexels)

The RSPCA is reminding cat owners, including those in Hume and Whittlesea, that their feline friends can live its best and safe live contained in the home.

Its Guide to Keeping You Cat Safe and Happy At Home has plenty of helpful information about what you need to provide for your cat indoors while giving it safe access to fresh air and the outdoors.

“The idea that all cats need to roam outdoors has changed; many owners now provide a safe and suitable environment for their cat at home all day, every day.“ the RSPCA said.

“ Cats who are safely contained at home are at less risk of injury from cars, dogs and other cats.

“If your cat is injured, having to leave home to seek veterinary treatment is a risk that could have been avoided. Keeping your cat happy at home means providing for all their needs, including many that may previously have been met by being outdoors.

“Meeting these needs in other ways requires forward thinking and a little imagination and commitment. But you needn’t go it alone: we’re here to help explain how you and your cat can live at home together in harmony.“

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