Random acts of lockdown kindness

Carley Quinn and her daughters Skylar and Indie. (Damjan Janevski) 251842_01

By Michaela Meade

A Kalkallo resident and her daughters have brought joy to their community during the extended COVID-19 lockdown.

Carley Quinn and her daughters Skylar, five, and Indie, three, decided to complete ‘14 days of kindness’ for their Kalkallo family.

“With all the negative and nasty stuff going on, we wanted to put smiles on people’s faces,” Ms Quinn said.

“It was also about teaching morals like kindness to my girls, that’s really important… I learned that from my mum.

“The community appreciated it all so much, which was wonderful.”

Ms Quinn said some of her favourite projects the trio completed were delivering little gifts to random households, lemon juice and orange juice stands, homemade playdough for passersby, scone packs for the winners of a “funniest joke” activity in the Facebook group, and chalk drawings at a local park, where they left the chalk behind so that people could add to the art.

Ms Quinn said one aspect of the community response was unexpected.

“The girls actually received some gifts in return,” she said.

“We didn’t expect that, that’s not why we did it.”

Ms Quinn said the project brought her closer to her community.

“We made a lot of friends along the way, and it made us feel safe with everything going on,” she said.

“It felt like home.”