New Thomastown home for Big Group Hug

Big Group Hug volunteers and supporters celebrate the official opening of the new warehouse

Gerald Lynch

Big Group Hug is celebrating the successful launch of its new location in Thomastown.

The grand opening last week provided supporters with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the organisation’s vital work.

Fundraising and communications manager Maria Quigley shared her enthusiasm for the new chapter for the non-for profit organisation.

“It’s been a really wonderful week,” she remarked. “The grand opening of the new location served as a special opportunity to give some of our supporters an insight into what we do behind the scenes.”

Big Group Hug operates as a lifeline for families in need, accepting donations of all kinds, both new and pre-loved. The organisation boasts a network of 1200 welfare professionals, including midwives, social workers, and hospital staff, who can make resource requests on behalf of struggling families.

In the past year alone, Big Group Hug made a significant impact by providing more than 6000 children with essential items for a healthy life. These items range from clothing, toys, and books to baby formula, high chairs, and car seats.

For the past five years, the organisation had been based in Bundoora. However, as their lease approached its end and the warehouse became crowded, they decided to make the strategic move to Thomastown

Big Group Hug also maintains a smaller location in Airport West, which serves as both a donation centre and a pickup point for agencies collecting essential packages.