New clinic for twin care

Laura Michell

An antenatal clinic dedicated to caring for twin pregnancies has launched at Northern Hospital.

The clinic aims to provide individualised care to make the journey of twins mothers as safe as possible.

The clinic will be led by obstetrician Allison Choong.

“When we look back at it, in a quiet year, we have 19 set of twins and a busy year of 25 sets of twins. I hadn’t even properly started the twin clinic and I already managed eight sets of twins in the last two months,” Dr Choong said.

The specialised clinic will allow patients to receive consistent care from the same clinician during their pregnancy.

Dr Choong has recently completed a diploma of diagnostic ultrasound, which will allow her to perform ultrasounds during antenatal visits and provide reports instantly.

“The ultrasound is one of the most important imaging modalities in obstetrics and gynaecology. As I am now able to interpret and report on ultrasounds, I’m able to understand the clinical situation more accurately and provide better care – that was the main reason for undertaking the diploma,” she said.