Mural a tribute to mum

Artist Mete Erdogan with his mother, Lucy. (Supplied)

Michaela Meade

Hume council is decorating the municipality with colourful murals, with the help of locally-connected artists.

Mete Erdogan was chosen to design a mural on the side of the FoodWorks in Dallas.

Erdogan said he wanted to pay tribute to his mother Lucy, who had grown up in the area after moving to Dallas at 14-years-old, as well as Dallas itself.

“The mural is really a mix of what Dallas means to me,” he said.

“Each individual tile is based on my experience.

“There’s a suitcase, to represent the immigrant population in the area.

“There are hearts with my mum’s face in them.

“[The mural] is all done in dedication to her.”

Erdogan said the mural also showcases multicultural symbols for protection, boots to represent the workforce, native plants, and an homage to the Ford factory, where a number of Dallas locals were employed before its closure.

Erdogan said the chance to participate in Hume’s mural project was “fantastic”.

“It’s a big thing for me,” he said.

“[Hume council] were very enthusiastic about the project, especially getting more local artists with connections to Hume to design [murals].

“I love to see that connection stand out, and I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Erdogan’s mural can be seen on the northside of FoodWorks on Dobell Place, Dallas.