Mum’s special day

Tugce Hudaverdi with her eight-month-old son Yusuf. (Damjan Janevski) 235014_01

Michaela Meade

Sunday will be a special day for Tugce Hudaverdi, with the Meadow Heights mum set to celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

Ms Hudaverdi gave birth to son Yusuf in September last year as Melbourne experienced its tough stage four lockdown.

“It was pretty scary… because there was a lot of uncertainty,” Ms Hudaverdi said.

“Going into labour, your partner or some sort of carer is [usually] next to you.

“[My husband] was able to come in [having applied for permission]… but [I was] limited to only having him in the birthing suite, and the maternity ward as well.

During the lockdown, hospitals were putting restrictions on the number of people allowed in to facilities, to lower the risk of spreading the virus.

Ms Hudaverdi said even though it was a difficult time, she “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

“My boy is coping really well, putting aside that he was born in a pandemic and not able to go any places,” she said.

Ms Hudaverdi said she has not made any plans for Mother’s Day, although is expecting some sort of celebration.

“I’m leaving it to my husband to plan,” she said.

“We don’t celebrate many things, but I think Mother’s Day is one of those [that you need to].

“Being a mum is hard… you want to feel that someone notices what you’re doing.”