Mother, daughter side-by-side in Northern Health’s COVID fight

Parneet and her mum Jatinder Kaur work together at Northern Health's fever clinic. (Supplied) 211211_01

By Laura Michell

A mother and daughter duo are working on the frontline at Northern Health’s COVID-19 fever clinic.

Parneet Kaur joined Northern Health as a ward clerk in March, joining her mum Jatinder, who began working at the hospital as a Personal Service Assistance (PSA) three years ago and is now also ward clerk.

Parneet, who is in her final year of her International Business Studies degree, said working in the fever clinic was rewarding.

“I find it really rewarding to be able to help people, especially in the current situation. Patients are appreciative of what we are doing and understand the challenges of our eight-hour shift,” she said.

“It is also not as daunting as it looks. When everyone is wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) it looks very intimidating, but once you understand the process and how it works, it is not as daunting.

“The staff are very supportive and very nice… the teamwork and camaraderie is special.”

Jatinder said working in the fever clinic made her feel like she was helping the community.

“According to my religion, we have to help the community. As our gurudwara’s (temples) are closed, I feel like working in the fever clinic is like going to the temple because I’m doing something for the community.

“I love Australia. This country has given me a lot of opportunities and as an Australian, I’m happy to help. This is the time to stand with the community and I’m proud I get an opportunity to do so.”