Maternity services go online

Tara Murray

Northern Health has launched virtual childbirth education classes to support expectant mothers and families during COVID-19.

The hospital decided to implement the classes after feedback from families, with the classes including the same content as the usual face-to-face classes.

Northern Health operations, women’s and children’s services director Nicole Carlon said the hospital had adapted to the changing situation and the needs of families.

“Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we aren’t able to run face-to-face classes,” she said.

“To begin with, we had an option where families could access external content, however, we received feedback that they would have enjoyed being able to ask questions and be involved in a live situation, rather than watching a recording.

“The childbirth education team took this feedback on board and, from this, started offering virtual live classes to better support patients and families.”

Childbirth educator, Marie Treloar who is running the classes, said they had helped parents feel more equipped to handle what laid ahead of them.

The sessions are the lastest initiative adopted by the hospital to help expectant and new mums.

It is also running ‘Happy Mother’s’ group sessions online to help Assyrian and Chaldean women in the community, as well as maternity in the home services.

Ms Carlon said expectant mothers are finding the current situation very isolating.

Tara Murray