Kelynack reserve upgrade plan


By Michaela Meade

Mill Park’s Kelynack Recreation Reserve is set to get a major upgrade.

Earlier this month, Whittlesea council endorsed a master plan for the 5.7-hectare reserve, which it says will transform it into a key sports and open space reserve for the community.

Administrator Bruce Billson said the master plan ensured future upgrades and improvements could be planned well in advance so the reserve could continue to support the growing community.

“We spoke with local residents and clubs who told us they wanted to see improved access and safety, changes to the landscaping and connection to the nearby Plenty Gorge Parklands,” Mr Billson said.

“Beyond the ‘active’ sports facility improvements, local families will really enjoy the improved playgrounds, passive recreation enhancements and upgrades to community-use facilities.

“We want this reserve to continue to be a sporting and recreation reserve for the community to enjoy and to encourage participation in sports at a local level for the community.”

Highlights of the master plan include upgrades to the sports oval, an upgrade and relocation of the reserve’s play space, picnic area and fitness station and construction of a new female friendly sports pavilion.

Council infrastructure and environment director Debbie Wood said the master plan had “overwhelming support from community and stakeholders“.

“In recent times, COVID-19 has highlighted the need to have safe spaces for people so they can recreate and relax… [the upgrade] meets the contemporary leisure needs of the community and guides the future direction of the reserve,” she said.

Administrator Peita Duncan said recreation spaces were going to be very important for the Whittlesea community in the future.

“It’s a learning out of a global pandemic that now people will make good use of those spaces,” Ms Duncan said.

“It’s important for the community to be able to go out and stretch your legs, play with the kids and get the dog out.”