Japanese students experience Australian life at St Monica’s College

Japanese exchange students at St Monica’s College Epping. (Marco De Luca).

Exchange students from Japan are getting a taste for the Australian way of life at Epping’s St Monica’s College.

Sixteen students from Takada High School in the north west of Japan arrived at St Monica’s last week as part of a 10-day exchange program.

The students stay with local families and attend classes at the school, as well as visiting iconic tourist spots around Victoria.

In September, a group of St Monica’s students will travel to Takada High School to experience Japanese life.

St Monica’s principal Brian Hanley said the exchange program between the two schools had been running for 25 years.

“Global citizenship is a very important part of life and this program aims to give our students rich experience interacting with students from Japan. Many friendships have been borne out of this program,” he said.