Illegal dirt bike riders targeted in Craigieburn

Craigieburn police have issued 37 fines in the past week. (Supplied)

Michaela Meade

Police have charged 18 people as part of an ongoing operation targeting illegal dirt bike riders in the Craigieburn area.

The crackdown is part of statewide campaign Operation Achilles, in response to hoon driving incidents.

Acting Senior Sergeant Emma Kerry said the community is “rightly sick” of hoon behaviour.

“The community is… sick of the danger it creates, they are sick of the noise, they are sick of the damage it causes to their local streets and neighbourhoods,” she said.

“The combination of erratic driving, speeding and distraction all while riding dirt bikes that are not in a condition to be on our roads poses so many risks to those involved in this activity and the broader community.

“Craigieburn police will continue to provide a highly visible presence in the known areas of this activity, and we will regularly run operations to keep our community safe from this behaviour.

“The information we receive from the community on this type of offending is invaluable, so we encourage anyone with information to report this to Crime Stoppers.”

Over the past week, police have arrested six offenders and issued a total of 37 fines.

Offences included seven failures to obey red lights, five uses of mobile phones while driving, four speeding offences, four disobeying signs/signals, two unregistered vehicles, two unlicensed drivers, one unroadworthy vehicle, and one seatbelt offence.

Other offences police detected as part of the operation were trafficking a drug of dependence, possession of a drug of dependence, obtaining property by deception, and theft.

Anyone with information about illegal activity is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.