Ilim College to be listed COVID-19 exposure site


Michaela Meade

Ilim College will be listed as a tier one COVID-19 exposure site, according to health officials.

Deputy secretary Kate Matson said Ilim College would be listed as an exposure site, following a confirmed case at the Kiewa Secondary Boys Campus in Dallas last week.

In a statement released on Sunday, the school said the student attended the campus on Tuesday, August 3 and Wednesday, August 4.

“Our college is working closely with [the health department] to ensure best practice in managing our response and to maximise protection of our community from the virus,” the statement said.

Ms Matson said the health department would continue to undertake appropriate health actions for the school.

“As more and more test results come through we do continue to review the appropriate public health risk for each exposure site,” she said.

“There may be changes for Ilim [College] or any other exposure site in coming days.

“We do ask people, keep an eye on the website for that reason.”

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