Hume’s ultimate guide for hard waste disposal

Hume City council . Photo by Damjan Janevski. 228421_03

Michaela Meade

Hume council has produced an animation as part of an “ultimate guide” for residents to dispose of hard waste in the municipality.

The animation was released this week, and follows anti-dumping signage being displayed around Hume.

Council’s sustainable infrastructure and services director Peter Waite said a recent campaign targeting illegal rubbish dumping had resulted in a 32 per cent rise in reports of dumped rubbish.

The animation, a short instructional video is another way of getting the message out to the community.

It includes simple visuals and narration, encouraging residents to “work together” to reduce and manage hard waste.

“There are many reasons it can easily pile up” the narration in the animation says.

“Like when household items need to be replaced because they are broken or worn.

“While we should try to repair, repurpose, or recycle first, sometimes we just need it cleared out.”

The animation has been shared on the council’s social media, and is featured on a webpage of “the ultimate guide to getting rid of your hard waste in Hume”.

The webpage suggests many free ways of disposing of hard waste, including booking a hard waste collection, visiting a resource recovery centre or tip, going to a Hume clean day, dropping off e-waste, and bringing waste to a recycle station at one of Hume’s global learning centres in Broadmeadows, Craigieburn or Sunbury.