Hume residents urged to get fire season ready


Michaela Meade

Hume council is urging residents to make sure they are fire ready, in anticipation of fire season.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) is expected to declare a fire danger period – when fire services restrict the use of fire in the community, in order to help prevent fires from starting and keep the community safe – in December or early January.

Hume mayor Carly Moore said everyone within the Hume municipality had a role to play in preparing for the upcoming fire season.

“Whether you live in a suburban or rural part of Hume, it’s an important time to find out more about the fire risk in your local area,” Cr Moore said.

“You can prepare for the fire season by talking to your family about how you will stay safe, developing and practicing your fire plan and deciding well in advance what you will do to stay safe from fire.

“It’s also an important time to prepare your property for fire by ensuring your home is clear of hazards.

“Residents, including renters, can take advantage of free hard rubbish services to help with this.”

The council will undertake increased grass cutting on council land as well as planned burns in conservation areas to prepare for the season.

Fire Prevention Officers from the council will also be inspecting 6500 properties “between now and January 2022” to ensure grass is cut and rubbish is removed.

More information about fire season preparations can be found on FRV’s website.