Hume Orchestra has their first inaugural performance

Hume Orchestra had their first performance earlier this month (Supplied).

Hume Orchestra had their first inaugural performance after many delayed concerts on Sunday (May 1) at the Town Hall Broadmeadows.

Guests included local MP Frank McGuire, Cr Jarrod Bell, team leader at Hume city council David Henry and Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress Stefan Romaniw.

In honour of the situation happening in Ukraine, the conductor chose to open with the Ukrainian national anthem.

The afternoon was filled with a number of performances, where attendees were treated to the melodic sounds of cellos, violins and violas reverberating off the town hall walls.

Orchestra founder, Helen Hatzikalis first came up with the idea in 2009 whilst teaching but didn’t conceptualise it until 2018 when she found a window of opportunity.

“The original intent was for it to be a pathway for a program from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Pizzicato Effect, where they provide kids in Hume free instrumental tuition, ” Ms Hatzikalis said.

“And I just thought, well where do they go from here? So I decided to establish an orchestra in the city.

But it’s more than that now, it’s an orchestra for the local community who are musicians, and this is their passion.”

The orchestra comprises 25 locals, ranging in age and experience and Ms Hatzikalis said they’re hoping to perform again in a few months’ time.

“The next one will be roughly August/September time.

We are also hoping to evolve the program to incorporate more cultural musicians down the track. There is so much potential for this orchestra to be a real representative of the diverse community that we have within view and I’m excited for that.”