Harmony in art

Hume council has commissioned a mural in Dallas called Harmony Pic of the mayor Joseph Haweill. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 232356_01

Laura Michell

A mural celebrating community and the environment is adding a splash of colour to a Dallas street.

The Hume council-funded mural was painted on a wall at 413 Barry Road, Dallas by artist Hayden Dewar.

Titled ‘Harmony’ the artwork depicts native flora and fauna and children playing musical instruments.

The mural was created in response to suggested themes of community and environment and is a metaphor symbolising people coming together to create something more than the sum of its part, according to the council.

“The inclusion of local native flora and fauna also represents caring for the nature at one’s doorstep so that future generations will inherit an environment that has been well cared for,” Dewar said.

“ The children playing musical instruments are used to emphasise these ideas. Floating past each other as people often do in life, only this time engaged and creating something together through collaboration and enjoying and caring for the ‘big nature’ they are surrounded by.”

Council said the mural is one of a number of public art initiatives budgeted for in the coming years.

“The mural program has been undertaken with the aim of using public art to advance a strong sense of community ownership, wellbeing and safety,” the council said.

A second mural will soon be commissioned in Dobell Place, Dallas.