Grants for carers


Unpaid carers across Victoria, including in Brimbank, are being given the chance to apply for grants for projects that aim to create social connections and improve their work and study opportunities.

More than 700,000 carers across Victoria provide essential support to family, friends and others with care needs.

Carers Victoria will administer the program, providing grants of between $15,000 and $25,000 to grassroots and community groups delivering local support to carers.

Carers Victoria chief executive Judith Abbott said it was an important program that offers reprieve to carers.

“The evidence tells us that social connection is one of the most important things to maintain carer health and wellbeing. Grants like this are so vital because they create opportunities for carers who may otherwise not be able to make those connections,” she said.

Many carers provide care around the clock, making it difficult for them to access the support they need to look after themselves, engage in work and study or connect with others in their community.

Grant applications are encouraged from small community groups, particularly those delivering support to carers and their families in regional, rural and other areas in Victoria where services might be more difficult to access.

The program will aim to increase local community supports and provide opportunities for social connections for carers where they live and work.

Carer support groups, community groups, community health services, local councils, neighbourhood houses and other grassroots groups are eligible to apply.

Carers and Volunteers Minister Ros Spence said carers deserve the chance to receive grants for the difficult work they do.

“It’s crucial we recognise and support the people who give their all, both physically and emotionally, to care for others,” she said.

“We’re delivering this grants program for local carer support groups because we know being a carer can be tough, and that social and community connection is critically important to the health and wellbeing of carers.”

Applications are open until July 12.