Furry friends left waiting

Michaela Meade

Under-staffing issues due to isolating team members and a statewide veterinary shortage has led to increased wait times and rescheduled appointments at Second Chance Animal Rescue’s (SCAR) Community Animal Hospital.

The hospital has taken to social media to notify clients of the issue of many staff required to isolate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCAR founder and chief executive Marisa Debattista said the site had “no choice” but to turn away animal patients who were not in need of urgent care.

Ms Debattista said the ongoing pandemic situation meant the issue would likely be ongoing.

“We think that this situation will continue for a while as nearly all vet clinics and animal hospitals are in the same situation,” she said.

“More staff are needing to isolate due to [being] close contacts or positive cases as it spreads throughout the community.

“It’s been the hardest over the last month with more people being close contacts and more positive cases in the community.”

Ms Debattista said the industry as a whole was feeling the pressure.

“There is already a statewide shortage of veterinary staff as is and everyone in the industry as a whole is exhausted from working non-stop throughout the last few years, supporting pet owners and their pets through these very difficult times,” Ms Debattista said.

“We will always do our best to see emergencies but if we don’t have the capacity to see a pet we will give the owner details of other local clinics and hospitals to contact to see if they can help.”

SCAR are advising pet owners who require non-urgent care for their furry companion should email for advice.

Those attending the hospital are required to call the office from the car park as some consultations need to be undertaken kerbside.

Details: vet@secondchanceanimalrescue.com.au