Driving change in Hume

The local community can now comment on Hume council’s draft transport strategy.

Councillors adapted the draft strategy at the February 26 council meeting with the agenda stating the strategy will guide the council in addressing transport challenges and working towards a future that provides greater choice for a vibrant and liveable municipality.

Councillor Karen Sherry said she is excited about the strategy.

“The past 10 years has seen a revolution of thinking to better reflect the broader spectrum of transport and place outcomes,” she said.

“This has been brought about by a change in demand, for example in the habits of young people towards using public transport more frequently, and enthusiastically embarrassing alternatives such as e-scooters and bikes.”

Cr Sherry said roads and streets are no longer just thoroughfares you travel through as quickly as possible to get home.

“They have a right to be enjoyed,” she said. “The strategy invites us to plan for precincts where we might trial micro transport options such as e-bikes and scooters.

“We could trial proposals where a group of primary school aged children can be traveling together… on e-bikes or scooters.

“This could be safe, fun and build social cohesion. We don’t believe that transport is a one size fits all, and I don’t believe we can emulate the inner city.”

The agenda highlights that Hume has been rapidly growing and is set to reach a population of 390,000 people by 2041.

However, the delivery of infrastructure for roads, public transport and active travel has not kept pace with development, it said.

The community feedback will be one for four weeks.

Zoe Moffatt