Cyclists pedal up for a quick repair

Cyclist Alex uses the new bike pump and repair station. (Supplied) 209021_01

Cyclists getting out and about now have access to a public bike pump and repair station in Whittlesea.

The council has installed the repair station in Bundoora at Norris Bank Reserve along the popular Darebin Creek bike trail.

According to the council, bike paths across the municipality are increasingly being used by professional and recreational riders, with a notable increase recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The repair station will enable bike riders to make easy, on-the-go repairs.

The bike pump and repair station is the first of its kind in Whittlesea and includes retractable tools such as screwdrivers, wrench and hex keys, a bike pump and wheel chock which holds the bike when using the pump.

The council will explore other locations for bike pumps and repair stations if the Bundoora station proves successful.