Craigieburn mum’s death prompts call for more warning signs at popular lookout


By Laura Michell

The death of a Craigieburn mother has prompted a coroner to recommend more signs be put up at a popular Instagram selfie spot in the Grampians where she plunged to her death while taking a photo in 2020.

On December 12, 2020, Rosy Loomba, 38, and her family drove from their Craigieburn home to the Grampians for a picnic with another family.

The families stopped at a number of lookouts along the way, including the popular Boroka Lookout.

In an investigation into Mrs Loomba’s death, deputy state coroner Jacqui Hawkins said the lookout area is fenced, “however the fence is easily scaled”.

Her report said there were a number of people in the area at the time, who climbed over the fence and took photos on a rock ledge which protrudes out from the cliff.

The lookout is renowned on Instagram, with many people scaling the safety barriers to have their photo taken on the rock ledge. The rock is known as “Selfie Rock”

The report said that at the time the Loombas arrived at Boroka Lookout, there were approximately 30 people at the lookout and there was a small queue of people lining up to have their photo taken.

Mrs Loomba and her husband climbed over the fence and had photos taken of themselves standing on the rock.

Mrs Loomba turned to walk back to her friends and children but lost her balance on a step down, the report said.

She fell to the right with her lower body still on the rock and her upper body hanging over. her husband tried to pull her back up but was unable to grasp her.

Police and emergency services were able to abseil down the cliff face, where they found Mrs Loomba’s body about 30 metres down the cliff face

An investigation by Victoria Police determined the death was not suspicious but rather, that it was “a tragic accident”.

A forensic pathologist determined the cause of death was multiple injuries, predominantly to her head, as the result of falling from a height.

Ms Hawkins recommended Parks Victoria install additional signage at the lookout warning people of the dangers of a fall and to stay within the safety fencing.

She noted Parks Victoria had already added additional safety signage earlier this year in response to a death at that same lookout in 1999.

“I am of the view that extra signage could be added to this area to prevent such deaths occurring in the future,” Ms Hawkins said.

“I note that adventurers and park attendees may continue to climb fences to access lookouts in order to get a photo or for their own curiosity.

“Mrs Loomba’s death is a reminder of the dangers associated with ignoring signage and fencing which is put in place to keep people safe.

“The sign should expressly state that people have been seriously injured and died at this location.”