Craigieburn mates share in $1 million


Michaela Meade

A group of Craigieburn friends are celebrating a $1 million lottery win, and said persistence was the key to their success.

One of the winning men said he and his mates have been buying tickets together for almost a decade.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the man said.

“There’s six of us in it… Most of us have been buying tickets together when it’s a big jackpot for close to a decade.

“I called each of them when I found out on Saturday. None of them believed me at first, so I had to take a screenshot of my ticket on my online The Lott account and send it to them.

“I just kept saying to them, ‘no, we really have won! I’m not kidding!’”

The group leader said they had already earmarked plans for using the funds.

“They all have already begun making plans for their share of the prize,” he said.

“I am planning to invest mine and I think some of my friends will use it for their future retirement.

“It’ll certainly come in handy for all of us.”