Craigieburn man hits lotto flush


A Craigieburn man is thanking an impromptu trip to the bathroom for his TattsLotto division one win of more than $848,000 in the weekend’s draw.

“I needed to go to the toilet so I pulled into the shopping centre. I saw the Tatts shop and thought, ‘why not?’ So, I popped in and bought a ticket,” he said.

“Then I forgot the ticket was in the car and then this morning I went to grab my wallet and saw the ticket. I had a look and… yeah… it was a winner!

“I’m still coming to terms with it! I haven’t let the ticket out of my sight.

“You know what. I always knew I was going to win the lottery, even though I’m not a regular player. I didn’t know when, I just have always said I was going to win. And it’s happened!

“We’re paying off the mortgage at the moment. So we’ll pay off that and invest the rest for the future!”

The man’s 50-game QuickPick was purchased at Craigieburn Lucks & Gifts, Shop 4B, Craigieburn Village, 330 Brookfield Boulevard, Craigieburn.