Cat adoption boom


By Laura Michell

The fallout from Melbourne’s second COVID-19 lockdown hasn’t been all bad, with cat adoptions booming since stage three restrictions were reintroduced, according to a northern suburbs shelter.

The Cat Protection Society was inundated with adoption inquiries in the first week of the lockdown, with families eager to welcome a furry friend.

The shelter experienced a similar adoption boom during the first lockdown.

Shelter manager Lisa Aguis said the interest in cats and kittens was greater than ever.

“In the past we’ve had to rely on advertising to get people into the shelter,” she said.

“Generally December and January are our busiest period for adoptions and the middle of the year is quiet.”

The adoption boom has slashed cats’ average stay at the shelter, from about 25 days this time last year, to a maximum of 14 days.

The shelter, which closed its doors to the public during the March lockdown, is offering adoptions by appointment only.

Anyone interested in adopting a cat is required to complete an online application, and if they are suitable, they will be matched with an available cat or kitten.

“The process has worked really well. We can now gauge who is visiting the shelter and know a little bit about them before they come in. With this knowledge, we can provide them with a tailored one-on-one experience which ensures they are ideally matched with a new cat or kitten that perfectly suits them,” Ms Aguis said.

To apply to adopt a cat or kitten, visit: