Calls for upfield duplication

Craigieburn train station. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 260227_01

In a council meeting on Monday, April 11 Councillor Kurt Naim requested that a letter be written to the state transport minister calling for the duplication of the upfield line in Hume.

Hume city council is calling on the state government for action regarding the matter.

Councillor Naim has been advocating for the duplication for quite some time.

“For me in an election year, the duplication extension of the upfield railway line is probably one of the pre-imminent issues facing our community at the moment. It’s one of the most common issue complaints that I receive from the community about public transport and the lack of accessibility to it,” Cr Naim said.

Councillor Jodi Jackson said it was a key advocacy issue for Hume council.

“There are so many residents in the north of our municipality that are affected by public transport issues,” Cr Jackson said.

“The upfield line is a particular pain point, not just for Hume residents but for residents up and down that line. It’s a short line but there’s a lot that needs doing to make it an efficient line.”

The federal government has announced $7.5 million of a $15 million scoping project for the northern rail corridor in Melbourne, which will investigate feasibility cost and options to determine subsequent works.