Baking Institute winners

418635_02 Thi McCulloch black swan novelty cake (supplied)

Max Westwood

Two Broadmeadows Kangan Institute students Rita Sagher and Thi McCulloch have won awards in the 2024 Victorian Baking Trade Show.

Ms Sagher received first prize for her three-tiered wedding cake and while Ms McCulloch won second prize for her black swan cake.

Ms McCulloch said that she has his own secret technique that allowed him to win second prize.

“To make this cake the hardest part was the neck of the swan, the difficulty was forming the beak and the feathers,” she said.

“The way I did the feathers is my own secret technique. It took me four hours to do it right and the hardest was the baby’s feathers. When I did it I wanted it to look alive, like it has a soul, a spirit in it.”

“I feel very happy to win second place in this competition because this will help me develop my new future career as a trainer in baking.”

Ms Sagher like Ms McCulloch, had her own recipe to success that allowed her to win first prize.

“I worked on each of the flowers, preparing them step by step, petal by petal, leaf by leaf,” she said. “Everything took a lot of time and I had to be patient to create all the details.

“I was glad to use my skills for decorating and now I want to develop the perfect recipe for the cake. When I do something I do it with all my passion, I want it to be perfect. All my teachers have helped me, and I want to continue to learn and improve my skill.”

“If you just love it then you can do it, you need lots of passion and time to be hands on.”

Kangan Institute chief executive Sally Curtain congratulated the students on their achievements.

“Congratulations to Rita and Thi for bravely entering the competition and embracing the opportunity to put their skills and training to the test,” she said.

“I am constantly amazed by what our students create and for the knowledge and support they are offered by their teaching team to achieve great outcomes.”

“We can’t wait to see what masterpieces Rita and Thi will create next and look forward to following their career paths.”