A message of kindness

Thomastown Library branch manager Coralie Kouvelas. (Damjan Janevski) 250436_02

Michaela Meade

One thousand handmade hearts are hanging from a tree outside Thomastown Library as a symbol of the community’s kindness.

The hearts have been created by community members as part of the Yarra Plenty Regional Library and Thomastown Neighbourhood House 1000 Hearts of Kindness project.

Residents are being encouraged to take part in the project to life people’s spirits during lockdown.

Thomastown Library branch manager Coralie Kouvelas said the community response to the project has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

“Each day at Thomastown [library], we have seen our tree grow with more hearts,” she said.

“Children stop to play under the tree on their way to or from picking up a book at the library or a visit to the park.”

Ms Kouvelas said the library is providing free maker’s kits so people of all abilities can take part in the project.

“The kits contain felt, thread for sewing and template instructions,” she said.

“People can decorate their hearts any way they desire.

“Community members are placing their hearts on trees outside of Thomastown Library to share the kindness with passers-by.

“Through simple sewing and promoting connected community mindfulness, the 1000 hearts project aims to move beyond the [library’s] Textiles & Craft Maker Space and foster a community of makers and kindness.”