New exhibition highlights family violence in Hume

Annie, Nayana, Emma, Deb and Gurpreet. Picture: Shawn Smits.

Poems about family violence – written and performed by a victim, child, perpetrator and bystander – are part of a digital exhibition in Craigieburn.

The One in Three – Poetry Corners exhibition looks at family violence in Hume through a multi-screen installation that presents poems written and performed by community members aged from four up to 81.

Hume mayor Drew Jessop said the “incredible and confronting” exhibition explored the complexities of family violence across all communities in Hume, particularly residents from a culturally and linguistically diverse background.

“The exhibition … will undoubtedly urge the Hume community to discuss the issue of family violence more openly and discourage turning a blind eye to it,” he said. “A single act of violence can ruin lives and affect a large number of people … Hume City Council and community members will do all we can to end the abuse which hides beyond fences and behind walls.”

The exhibition was put together with the help of Some Kind of Squirrel Productions and the Oorja Foundation.

Oorja Foundation co-founder Nayan Bhandari said the exhibition gave participants a platform to express their true feelings in a powerful, honest and safe way.

The exhibition will coincide with International Women’s Day and Harmony Day to send the message that family violence is unacceptable.

The exhibition will be at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery at the Craigieburn Hume Global Learning Centre until Sunday, April 2.